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Yahoo Small Business Online Presence Domain Package

Thursday, August 16th, 2018


Yahoo Small Business today announced a new “startup” priced launch package for businesses wanting to jumpstart their online presence, providing the basic tools they need at an affordable cost.  Businesses will now be able to purchase a domain name, secure one-page website, and branded email address – all for the cost of a domain name registration.

“Creating our triple-threat startup pricing makes sense.  A domain name gives businesses a unique identity, but without a professional email address and a website the identity is incomplete,” said Dilip Deshpande, product manager for Yahoo’s new domain offer. “Having a professional website and email address that are tied to a new domain name provides everything businesses need to launch their online presence and start attracting customers.”

The Yahoo Small Business online presence package reduces the expense to less than half of what competitors are charging.  As the online business grows, Yahoo offers competitively priced options to expand to a larger website or more mailboxes, all without losing the existing website or email history.

With features like a one page secure website with an SSI certificate, built in SEO, a professional email account through Yahoo mail, domain name registration and more, this sounds like great option for small businesses looking to boost their online presence.

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Sedo Sells Domain Name For $600,000 Again

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Domainnamewire: sold for the exact same amount in 2009 when Boris Kreiman bought the domain name shortly after buying for $1.1 million. Kreiman told Domain Name Wire that he was going to create a Christian social network using the domain name.

The domain was about to be sold at the Rick Latona TRAFFIC auction in 2009, but the transaction went through Sedo. So this is the second time Sedo has had a hand in selling

The buyers identity has yet to be revealed.


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The Personal Hosting Service That Provides a White Glove Experience

Monday, August 13th, 2018

Director of Business Development Lennon Patton:

We focus on creating a custom solution for your hosting needs. One plan does fit all needs and our team is here to help craft a custom hosting solution for your needs. We take a local approach to each of our clients. We treat each as if they are visiting our offices in Edmond, Oklahoma.”

If you have a website that has custom requirements, the majority of hosting companies that provide automated settings will not be able to meet your needs. You’ll need a personal hosting service that is willing to listen to all of your needs.

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Free Website Hosting is a Mistake. Here’s Why.

Saturday, August 11th, 2018


Free sure is tempting. With all the expenses businesses face today, it may seem like a breath of fresh air to see that you can get a web hosting service for your website for free. The problem with falling for the temptation of choosing a free website host is that it ends up costing you more money in the long run. You also risk the integrity of your website, can ruin your online reputation and can lose revenue and customers while facing these negative repercussions of choosing “free.”

One of the major problems with free web hosting is the amazing marketing tactics hosting companies use to draw you in. It’s almost as if you can’t say no! The great news is that you can turn down free offers and you don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of money to get what you need. There are many managed and shared hosting options available that offer affordable premium hosting. These companies can save you money long-term, but they can also save you a headache and mess of making the mistake of choosing a free website hosting service in the first place.

Rarely is anything actually free, especially online. If you chose free web hosting it’ll be seriously limited and you will need more. This means spending money or settling for a limited service.

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Easily Avoided Hosting Mistakes

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Maybe you haven’t built a website yet because you’re intimidated you’ll make a hosting mistake or you’re complacent with having only a Facebook and Yelp page – whatever the reason is, don’t let it hold you back any longer.

Building a website doesn’t have to be difficult, most users will be able to get by without even having to learn about DNS settings and zone records. No one expects you to master a complex topic you’re completely new to before you take the leap, but it will save you from making an unnecessary hosting mistake if you understand the basic fundamentals of hosting and DNS.

Whether you’re building your own website with a website builder service or you’re using shared hosting, it doesn’t have to be over-complicated. Decide which one of two hosting strategies is right for you and find the hosting solutions to accommodate.

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Why You Need Web Hosting

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

What many beginners fail to realize is that buying a domain name is just the first piece of their online presence puzzle. Without web site hosting, a domain name will never do anything. Having a web hosting account is as necessary to getting started as a domain name.

Domain names have to point to a web host, where the actual files of your web site live. If you don’t have a hosting account, your domain name won’t be able to load your web site and your visitors will never be able to purchase your product – because they’ll never see it.

While there are limitless hosting options available, it’s usually not necessary to purchase anything too fancy. You can get a good hosting account with all the features you need for a very affordable price. Don’t get tricked into buying more than you need. If your web site is super successful, you can always upgrade your hosting plan down the road.

For instance, check out this Deluxe hosting package. At under $6 a month, you can have everything you need to get your website in front of your visitors.

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