Yahoo Small Business Online Presence Domain Package


Yahoo Small Business today announced a new “startup” priced launch package for businesses wanting to jumpstart their online presence, providing the basic tools they need at an affordable cost.  Businesses will now be able to purchase a domain name, secure one-page website, and branded email address – all for the cost of a domain name registration.

“Creating our triple-threat startup pricing makes sense.  A domain name gives businesses a unique identity, but without a professional email address and a website the identity is incomplete,” said Dilip Deshpande, product manager for Yahoo’s new domain offer. “Having a professional website and email address that are tied to a new domain name provides everything businesses need to launch their online presence and start attracting customers.”

The Yahoo Small Business online presence package reduces the expense to less than half of what competitors are charging.  As the online business grows, Yahoo offers competitively priced options to expand to a larger website or more mailboxes, all without losing the existing website or email history.

With features like a one page secure website with an SSI certificate, built in SEO, a professional email account through Yahoo mail, domain name registration and more, this sounds like great option for small businesses looking to boost their online presence.