Spam-Free Email

Are you constantly getting spam in your email?  Spammers are out of control and the answer to this inconvenience is getting an email account that filters out spam.

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Spam-Free Email for Your Business

The first step is to choose an individual name for your professional email account that is specific to your domain and/or industry.

Promote your business identity

By creating your professional email account you will be showing your clientele that you mean business. With every email you send you promote your company name.

Be done with spam and only receive the email you want

We block spam before it gets to your inbox so you won’t be burdened with unwanted emails.

24/7 support

With 24/7  support our U.S.-based customer care consultants are ready and available for all your support needs.

View your email anywhere and anytime

Access your email anywhere there’s an internet connection.  Whether it’s from a web browser, tablet or mobile phone it’ll be easily available for you to use.

Included in our partners plans:

  • Calendar is free
  • Online Storage is free
  • Webmail is free
  • Mobile access, including iPhone® and Blackberry®
  • Secure 256-bit encryption
  • POP3
  • Text-mail service
  • Protection from spam, virus, and fraud
  • Desktop notifier
  • World-class data centers

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