SSL a must with Google Domains


Domain registry companies create top-level domains for Internet users to use in a specific way. To ensure these domains uphold their mission and intended purpose, domain registries will develop registration requirements. For example, to register a .bot domain Amazon requires your bot to be built with one of the approved preferred bot builders. .bank domains must pass a verification process with strict security criteria for .bank websites.
Google is on a mission to secure the Internet and also investing in some of the top new tech TLDs. We notice a trend that all new Google TLDs require HTTPS to function correctly in web browsers. For all Google domains
 SSL certificates are necessary to achieve a secure HTTPS connection. The new Google domains are unrestricted in the sense that anyone can register one. However, your website will not propagate unless you meet the SSL for Google domain requirements.

It’s very important to keep your data and your customers’ data safe. We already know that SSL is a must with our domains. So for Google to want to promote secure websites is a no brainer.