Thinking of transferring your domains to a new registrar? Here are the rules.


People often don’t know this but domain names cannot be transferred within 60 days of registration. You won’t be able to transfer a new domain to another registrar until day 61 after the domain registration. In addition, you also cannot transfer a domain name that has been transferred within the past 60 days. These 60-day domain name transfer rules are brought to you by ICANN (the governing body of the global generic domain name system). So if you tried to be cheeky and register your domain name at a cheap registrar you’ll have to stay put until your 60 days is up. 

You might be looking to transfer your domain names and not sure how to start the process. First thing you want to do is make sure you fall within the guidelines of ICANN. Are you even eligible to transfer? If your domains are past 60 days of your current registration, then you’re good to continue to the next rule.