Technical SEO Tips


In a world where everyone’s fighting for relevance in search, technical SEO is a Swiss army knife you can use to improve your site’s usability, crawlability, indexation and ultimately rankings.
But it’s easy to get lost in the weeds while working through technical SEO fixes — many SEOs reach a point of diminishing returns where they keep making small changes that achieve frustratingly little. That’s why it’s important to understand what to prioritize as well as how to accomplish your goals.

Websites and robots.txt are extremely useful tools for reviewing your sites indexation status and ensuring your important pages are crawlable by search engines.

Making sure you website is structured and easy to navigate is another very important technical SEO tip. Clean up your sitemap or if you don’t have one, build one now. A good sitemap will definitely improve the crawlability of your website.

Another SEO tip is to increase your Optimization Score by making small technical upgrades to your website to increase site speed. By delivering faster user experience you’ll have higher conversion rates.

These technical SEO tips will strengthen your sites framework. In addition to technical SEO your on-page SEO is just as important to improve your sites SEO ranking.