Social Media Is Great But It Can’t Replace Domains


When it comes to starting a small business today, establishing an online presence is essentially on the same level as planning and budgeting. A brand in today’s market can’t grow to its full potential without having an online presence. Before the days of social media, you would register a domain name, build a website on it and then use traditional methods of advertising to bring people to your website. With the adaption of social media, brands soon realized they could utilize social networks to promote their brand where their customers are and where their friends are, but social media can’t replace domain names as a standalone online presence.

Social media is great and has definitely opened up opportunities to promote our brands. It’s a wonderful tool. A tool to use in addition to our websites. It shouldn’t be used by itself, instead of a domain.

Social media controls what content gets viewed and will charge you to promote your posts. With a website you have total control over your content and can promote your brand on your own terms.