Is A Premium Domain Name Worth The Cost?


With all of the new domain endings available today, you can buy a premium domain name that is tailored to your industry or your “thing”. There’s only a certain amount of permutations available for key terms and phrases which makes premium domain names so valuable. When you buy a premium domain name specific to your market, you own that space in a way that none of your competitors can. This year has been a record year for new domain names being sold for 6 figures.

Some don’t think the purchase is worth the cost but the benefits of buying your premium domain name for your brand are huge. Having a premium domain name will help consumers find you more easily, will be a trusted entity due to the premium name, and will save you the money you’d be spending on advertising to promote your brand.

Having a premium domain name will also increase your ranking on search engines. The more consumers choose your site because of its name, the higher up in search results you’ll appear and in turn make you more money.

So it may seem excessive to spend six figures on a premium domain name but your brand will grow and the benefits will be worth it in the end.