SEO For Beginners


 Many people have heard of the term SEO but don’t really understand what it means and how it impacts website performance and search engine ranking. There are a ton of SEO tips and tools of the trade but we have compiled a beginner’s list of the down and dirty ones you need to know.

Keywords are the most important factor for SEO. Most of our SEO tips will be around keywords; how to establish a focus keyword and how to optimize them for success. So let’s jump into the SEO tips we have for you.

The focus on keywords is huge when it comes to SEO marketing. Making sure you have the right word or words in your title and the throughout the body of your article will ensure that Google associates your page with your keyword focus.

In addition to keywords, it is suggested to link up (outbound and inbound) with other websites with similar topics to make your site have more of a web presence and have more for your page visitors to follow.